My Morning Routine..

Friday, July 29, 2011

What I do every morning is effortless.

When I awake dramatically I start off my day by reciting aloud a fan letter. Then i wisely nominate my clothes and accessories for the happy day and seize my boombox.

As I set my music maker on the sink and play Michael Jackson as loud as i can, I get out of the shower and insanely dry my hair with a small red towel.

Then I blow dry my hair... Back and Forth.

Next I depart ecstatically to my teal colored Mac for some quick tweeting to my awesome fans. After that I swag step to the kitchen and scarf down some delectable ab building eggs and inhale some tasty orange juice as I lol to Fresh Prince.

Finally I J-walk back to my G crib for some fun and exciting school... like writing a long, expressive, graphic, detailed, lively, vivid and striking blog post about My Morning Routine(:


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