Why the crash, especially in the depth of the crack-Dax

Friday, August 12, 2011
Why the crash, especially in the depth of the crack-Dax

Hardly any of the stock market crash was hit so hard as the local - and incorrectly. In the recovery should DAX values ​​are strong again on the purchase list.
Two weeks ago, took the crash in equity markets. On Thursday it was then the first glimmer of hope that the situation calms down, then on Friday we went on up. The prices recovered the second consecutive day, the German stock index (DAX) rose again, even at times over the mark of 6000 points. Also, the nervousness subsided a little, as suggested by the VDAX Volatility Index, which measures the volatility of the market. From its high of around 55 meters, he has now fallen back to at least 45 points. That's still no relief, but the acute panic seems to be over.
Time to breathe and sweeping up the pieces left by the crash - and perhaps to sift through new opportunities. The first thing to it: almost the worst among all major exchanges worldwide, it has taken the German equities. Around 17 percent, the DAX since 1 August forfeited. At its lows of the past days there were very nearly 25 percent.


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